Hi. I'm John Fulford-Brown. I'm an accomplished producer & communications professional with expertise in every step of the creative process from research, to strategic design, to project planning, to budget preparation, to execution and production management.

I'm a big picture thinker with an eye for the small details. I'm obsessive about project organization, timelines, budget management and client communication.


For more than 20 years I've helped organizations define their internal and external communications objectives to create high impact, targeted media to deliver their messaging. 


I'm also an accomplished video, live event and film & television producer with hands-on experience in every aspect of the production process. 


For video, I develop proposals & budgets, research, write, hire talent, direct shoots, edit video and supervise the final audio & video post-production process through to delivery.


For meetings and live events, I develop proposals & budgets, research and inspect sites & venues, liaise with vendors and project partners, design and produce all technical, staging, lighting, audio, entertainment, live performance aspects of the event, supervise & manage all logistics and direct the live event.


I can work with you on a freelance daily, weekly or contract basis, or, I can assemble a team of insdustry professionals to create and deliver a complete communications project.