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Here's a selection of some of the home videos I've edited together. The videos appear in a mostly chronological order. In the first section I’ve compiled a number of videos of young Derek. I have lots more to come, as time permits.

Compilation 1984 - 1985

Here’s a compilation of our earliest video recordings with Derek, starting when he was only 7 weeks old and shot on 9 different occasions between May 1984 and November 1985.

Derek's 2nd Birthday

This is Derek’s first big birthday party. This huge production stars Christine’s slippers and features cameo appearances by Barbara, Chris, Jane, Martin, Ed, Wendy, Susan and their various offspring.

Derek gets a slinky 1987

Filmed at the same time as the Christmas message, Derek gets an early present and is fascinated by the Slinky.

Message to England 1989

Filmed in the backyard of our house on Golfview Avenue in the summer of 1989, we shoot an intro to a compilation video to send to relatives in England. The compilation has since gone AWOL, but the intro is here!

Derek gets a Haircut 1991

In this very short video Derek gets a haircut in preparation for our upcoming Christmas visit to England. Very cute!

Easter in Brockville 1992

Starring members of the Schaefer family. Here we enjoy a sumptuous dinner, a very special soup, plenty of wine and Derek’s magic tricks.

The Parents Come to Canada 1994

This video has lots of great footage of Mum & Dad and young Derek. We tour Toronto, visit the Schaefer’s “new” cottage and celebrate Dad’s 75th birthday at Cleveland’s House and the 50th anniversary of D-Day at a dinner show.

Compilation 1985 - 1986

This compilation was shot in Nov. 1985 and April, May and July 1986. Derek kisses Cameron, Sean kisses Derek. 2 year-old Derek also enjoys some smoked oysters.

Derek's Chirstmas Messsage 1987

In this short video we coach a very cute 3 year-old Derek to say Happy Christmas to his relatives in England while he eats a banana. In those days we had to mail out video tapes well in advance!

Derek' s 4th Birthday party 1988

Derek and his friends (and some of my friends) have a party at The Organ Grinder restaurant in Toronto in February 1988 to celebrate Derek’s 4th birthday.

Christmas 1989

This long video is for serious Derek fans. An entire 55 minutes video of 4 year-old Derek opening up presents while a slightly hungover Paul looks on. Shades of “A Christmas Story”.

Christmas in England 1991

This video is a must see for all FB’s. Derek and I go to England for Christmas and the video features cameo appearances from Mum, Dad, Bob, Mike, Steve, Kate, Billie, Tom and others.

Derek Goes to Disney 1993

I had a surprise in store for Derek’s 9th birthday. I woke him up in the middle of the night and dragged him off to the airport for a mystery trip. He had no idea where we were going until we got there! In this video Derek helps me introduce and narrate the 45 minute highlights documentary.

Derek at Blue Mountain 1995

Derek is growing up fast. Now 11 years old, it’s time to learn to ski, so we spend a few days up at Blue Mountain during the March break

Below, an evolving selection of miscellaneous family and personal videos I’ve made over the years. More to come.

When We Were Young - 1978

My first production, shot (badly!) on Super 8 film, when I was 24 years old. I recently found these old films of myself skiing at Blue Mountain with friends Cameron & Barbara, Tim & Sue and digitized and edited them into this short video

John's 40th Birthday - 1994

This special birthday coincided with a visit from the parents, which is in the earlier video “Parents in Canada 1994”. Warning: some salty language here!

Parents Golden Wedding - 1996

Here I make a trip to England to help celebrate our parents 50th wedding anniversary at Foxhills. Unfortunately the picture is pretty dark due to the early video camera technology, but you’ll get the idea.

Victoria Whale Watch - 2003

While on a job in Victoria BC we had a morning off, so a few of us went on a whale watching trip. It started out very foggy and we were warned we might not see anything. But after a while it warmed up and the sky cleared. The whales came out to play and it was an amazing experience as you'll see.

Maddy's Song For Paul's 80th - 2013

Maddy & The, with guitar accompaniment by Ken, perform a special song to celebrate Paul Schaefer’s 80th birthday.

That's all folks! I aim to make some more videos when I get the time and inclination to dive into the pile of video tapes I have so I can digitize and edit them.

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