If you're like most people, you probably have hundreds of photos sitting somewhere that never get seen. Some may be in a box in the basement, or if you're really organized, in albums that hardly ever get opened. The age of digital photography has made taking and sharing pictures easier than ever, but few people do it, or do it effectively. It takes a lot of thought and effort to organize your life's photo collection into a compelling storyline that will facsinate your friends and family. It also takes skill - but most of all it takes time. A lot of time.


JFB will work with you to create a chronology of your best life stories, or that of a loved-one or business associate, that can then be shared with selected family & friends on a custom designed, password protected, website. This Life Site is a living multi-media site that incorporates photos, digital pictures, film, video, printed documents, memorabilia and any other visual material you can imagine, together with well-written captions and short stories that bring your story to life. A picture is worth a thousand words, so the emphasis is on visual impact. Aside from being a fabulous personal momento, Life Sites make a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary and are a great memory-enhancing tools for aging relatives. Life Sites are also great for businesses, as a showcase for a family business or as a retirement send-off for a valued employee.


With over 25 years of professional communications experience, JFB has all the expertise required to create a compelling . JFB is a capbale and proven interviewer, writer, story-teller, documentarian and picture editor.


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